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Can I get a ring from every kind of golf ball?

Yes, we manufacture stainless steel rings with golf ball inlays from every standard golf ball.


What is the difference between the ring ORIGINAL and the golf ball ring BIRDIE?

The ring ORIGINAL has much more stainless steel content, is heavier and has a domed edge, which can also be jewelled with precious stones.

The ring BIRDIE has less stainless steel content, is very light and comfortable to wear even under gloves. BIRDIE is also available in gold-plated stainless steel. BIRDIE cannot be jewelled with precious stones.


What makes the difference of the BIRDIE Change ring?

BIRDIE Change has many special features. The stainless steel ring is of premium quality identically to the other BIRDIES. However, the inlay of BIRDIE Change consists of soft, flexible silicone in dimples look. A BIRDIE Change set always contains a stainless steel ring and two interchangeable inlays, white and black.


How can I interchange the inlays of the BIRDIE Change ring?

The inlays can be easily interchanged. It is best to lift the inlay with a sharp object and push over the stainless steel ring. Pull the new inlay apart with your fingers and put it over the stainless steel ring.


Which details do you need, when I send my own golf ball to you?

Please provide your ring size, the invoice address and your favorite ring model. BIRDIE or ORIGINAL, ring band width (wide or slender), your desired material (stainless steel or gold-plated stainless steel). 


What happens if my own golf ball is damaged and has got traces of usage?

We try to cut out the best section of the used golf balls. However, traces of usage can be visible on the finished ring. Please consider that there is no right to withdraw then. Therefore, be careful not to have any major wear on the ball.


How long does it take until the ring is delivered?

Each ring is handcrafted and customized by incoming order.

From the date of receipt of your golf ball, your product will be delivered within 14 days maximum.

For orders from the online shop, the delivery time is also approx. 14 days maximum, usually earlier.


I would like to have a golf ball ring with company logo, how does it work?

It is best to send us a golf ball which is already printed with your company logo. However, we can also print your own logo on a golf ball on your behalf and for a small extra charge. Just send us your logo as printable file via email.


Are there price differences between the golf ball rings of your assortment and the rings made from my own golf ball?

No, the prices are the same.


Do you deliver the golf ball rings also to Switzerland?

Yes, of course, you can order from Switzerland, too.


On my printed golf balls the printing fades with the years, does it happen to golf ball rings, too?

Yes, the printing of golf ball rings with imprints can wear out over time depending on the intensity of wearing it.


Can I change the rings?

Rings that we make from your personal golf balls are custom-made products and cannot be changed.

Rings from golf balls of our assortment can be changed within 14 days.